[3834] Progress Tracker up to CA2

Week 1
First meeting with Prof. Newton Fernando
- brief overview of the project
- related technologies within MXR which can be used
- Task: to read BlogWall paper (done)

Week 2
Self-directed research
- possible choices of operating system
- exercises on basic Java and PHP programming
- internet research on Russell Dimensions

Week 3
Second meeting with Prof. Newton Fernando
- discussed technical aspects of BlogWall with Janaka
- met Janaka and Xiaoming
- Task: read iPlot manual, paper and website link (done)

Week 4
- Overall briefing by Dr. Adrian
- similarities to Confucius Computer raised?
- read paper on circumplex model (Russell Dimensions)
- developed basic block diagram

Week 5
- Task: to find API for mobile phones to manage geo-data (done)
      - potential candidates: Google Gears, JSR 179 (Location API for J2ME)
- Task: to examine features of current mobile phones (done)
      - market share: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG
      - common denominator: Java ME, MIDP 2.0
      - option to include Flash Lite / Flash GUI for higher-end phones
      - alternative is to use JSR 226 which supports SVG
      - LWUIT can be exploited to generate device-independent interface
- Task: setup programming framework

Week 6
- more practice with J2ME (configured IDE, WTK)
- selected implementation platform (J2ME, Flash, PHP/MySQL)
- GPS to be used as default location data source
- Task: add detail to flow chart
- Task: list of keywords for Singapore (done)
- Task: list of landmarks for Singapore (done)

Recess Week
- discussion of system with Asanka
- decisions on input/output format, system structure

Week 7
- sample screens and flow between screens designed
- further discussion with Asanka on system development

Week 8
- additional screen design, with implementation details
- rudimentary database developed
- working on XML format for data interchange

Week 9 and 10
- XML format refined, further work on interface development

Week 11 and 12
- met with Komal, UROP student who is interested to work on this project
- further understanding of SVG format and application to J2ME
- discussion of work distribution

Reading Week, Examinations and Vacation
- prepared for CA2
- demo screen for main menu completed
- revised features of system
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