[3834] Vacation Progress Tracker

14-20 Dec '08
- re-planned features of system
   - choice of intermediate technologies: semantic web technology
   - added social networking feature to system
- tested server for external access after approval
- studying MLocation library (MLocation.java) in Mobile Processing ( Mary Jane Software )  
   - wrapper for JSR 179 API to be used in Processing

21-27 Dec '08
- rewrite of demo code
  - imitating structure offered in What's Cooking social software project demo
- new system state diagram developed, with screen sketches

28 Dec '08-4 Jan '09
- installation and configuration of Apache Tomcat, accessible via dynamic DNS (http://streetwise.thruhere.net/)
- implementation of file download (HTTP GET request) in Processing
  - image file successfully downloaded and displayed
  - testing of XML access to draw profile screen
    - parser will need to be tested
    - parser can grab data from online XML file, but is unable to start subsequent connection to load photo for profile
- image capture using phone camera implemented
  - image and viewfinder do not fit on screen
    - currently, displayed image from the camera screen is too large, as is viewfinder
    - learning to resize captures ( considering MCapture library by Mary Jane Software )
    - resized capture applied successfully but is rotated clockwise 90 degrees, need means to rotate back

5-11 Jan '08
- exploration of software from www.8motions.com 
   - similar in functionality to Streetwise proposal
   - more of keyword-based search with added features
 - signed up for API key from opencellid.org
   - to send cell ID location data to open database
 - looking into other cell-location databases to retrieve location using GSM cell
   - would apply indoors as well as outdoors
- designing data submission procedure to facilitate integration
  - HTTP POST request in Processing... to which server? Need to write a CGI/Javascript to handle these.
  - testing using personal web space as is down

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