[3834] System State Chart

The system will initialise into the main menu, and offer users the chance to select a subsequent stage out of search, profile, friends and favourites.

From the search screen, the user can choose one of three search options, and enter search conditions. This query will be submitted as XML to the query engine in the backend. The results are then returned as XML file so that the screen may be appropriately drawn. The user may select one place from the list of results to get more details. If a particular place is to his or her liking, the user may save it to their hotlist.

From the profile screen, the user may choose to edit his or her profile. This profile will be saved on the server as needed, and others may view the profile as they wish. The user can also read his or her messages and reply to them. The user can also edit the hotlist as and when he or she wishes to.

From the friends screen, the user will be able to see his or her list of friends. Selecting a thumbnail from the list will load a small dialog with the friend's details, from which the full profile of that friend may be viewed. A message can also be sent to that particular friend.

The hotlist or favourites can be viewed as another results page, and has similar functionality.
iced water,
Dec 25, 2008, 4:37 AM