[3834] CA2

Progress Since CA1
Attempts to develop a user interface using LWUIT and SVG took too long to get off the ground, so I decided to switch to Mobile Processing upon advice from my colleague in Sri Lanka, Asanka. Given its simpler language and more focused interface, I was able to get down to work developing the menu screen, and have more confidence in developing a usable interface quickly. This permits more work to be done on the core aspects of the application, such as the intelligent search engine, which I had previously been kept from.
What's to be done
  • The XML formats developed for information interchange between the disparate parts of the app will be tested and refined once the server is up and running.
  • Investigation and implementation of semantic web framework (open source package Jena was chosen.)
    • Jena is an Java API for RDF - it can be used to generate triples based on databases
    • MySQL backend can be used to store location information, and RDF graphs generated from them on demand
      • Uncertainty about the time it takes for such graphs to be generated
      • How to generate the graphs based on user preferences?
  • Reading on the applications and characteristics of dynamic databases and semantic web frameworks, RDF.
  • Considering a social-networking aspect: to allow users to find other users or fellow travellers nearby who may be more familiar with the area.
  • Blogwall concepts such as POSTagger and emotional weight evaluation to be incorporated into project
  • Chaos engine implementation to be studied and used for recommendation engine
  • Refined location determination using assisted GPS and OpenCellID (lower priority)
  • Recognition of places via MMS photo upload (lower priority)