Yeo Kheng Hui

Project Title
Explore Singapore through Mobile Phones


The aim is to develop an intelligent mobile system for users to retrieve information on places of import, history and folklore, etc. according to their own preference. For instance, upon entry or selection of certain search terms, a list of relevant places in Singapore can be shown, with descriptions and maps. Based on the user's chosen keywords and location data obtained through GPS, possible places which the user wants will be retrieved according to predefined rules from a dynamic database. If the input does not match anything in the database, synonyms may be retrieved from the Internet to refine the user's search.
A graphical interface consisting of 2D graphics, links to more information, etc. will be employed to present the information. When the user explores links or enters new search terms, the interface will be updated as needed.

The above was condensed from the description provided in the FYP catalogue, and has key terms highlighted..

Java (J2SE) or C++, J2ME, PHP, Flash