Week 5

Created a backup for this site on the original Google site that I've created, since Ben pointed out that the content on this site can be edited by anyone. Also e-mailed Prof Adrian to check on further details of CA1 requirements and also an appropriate date for the CA1 update presentation.

Prof Adrian reverted with instructions to focus on progress update and future goals for the CA1 update presentation.

Read the following papers:
NLUS - a Prolog Based Natural Language Understanding System by M.C. Lee, and H.V. Leong
The Research on the Application of Text Clustering and Natural Language Understanding in Automatic Abstracting by Qinglin Guo and Cunbin Li
The Use of Reasoning in Natural Language Understanding by Derek Long and Roberto Garigliano

Finally managed to install the Blogwall system on my own laptop successfully, so that I can study it as well as work on it on my own system. Able to operate without a modem, through the use of the PostProcess Admin Console.

Further research required for deeper understanding of Natural Language Understanding and a better idea of how to parse SMS input received.

Received instructions to prepare for presentation (together with Vidyarth) for some visitors from Swedish Institute of Technology on Monday (15th Sept).