Vacation: Week 2

Had a meeting  with Dr. Fernando, Eng Tat, Hoomun, Nimesha and Ken early in the week. The new direction now is to develop an API for generation of cultural content. The API should employ the usage of various existing NLP algorithms and be able to decide, based on the input content, which algorithm is the best for NLP. It should then be able to extract information/meaning from the input based on the chosen algorithm, then output cultural content as desired.

Now going through more literature on the subject, starting with Xiaoming's FYP thesis (to understand the current Confucius Chat system), followed by going through resources related to OpenNLP, AIML and GATE. Learnt about Turing Test, Alicebot, ELIZA and the like. Also need to read check out the work done by Ricard Wallace and Robert Medeksza.

By the end of next week, I'll need to come up with a UML diagram to tackle the problem.