Vacation: Week 1

Spent the week preparing for both the external and internal CA2 presentations. The external presentation was originally scheduled for Thursday 11th Dec, but was brought forward to Wednesday 10th Dec. Completed the slides and a short write-up in time.

Further work done during the week (apart from CA2 preparations) primarily concerned the creation of a separate function, PoemLinesToPredicate(), which passes all the existing poetry lines in the database through another function that performs the same predicate analysis as the one done on SMS input. This function needs to be run only once, thereafter only when needed (i.e., when new poems are added to the database). The function stores the predicate symbol, its arity, as well as the corresponding poem line's id in a newly created table in the database, the predicates table.

I have tested the function by letting it run at the start of DataProcessor.exe and it has successfully performed the analysis on all the poetry lines. Of course, there had to be some handling of apostrophes and other "anomalies" in the database, so that the SQL queries would not return any error. In addition, I have noticed that not all the lines could be successfully expressed as a predicate. I have not looked into this in detail, firstly because there are about 3000 such lines and secondly, I have already noticed that a number of them do not contain any verbs. As I have yet to handle predicate formation for sentences containing only adjectives, this was to be expected.

Will look into that subsequently. Future plans at this point can be found in the CA2 post.