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FYP Blog - It Begins...

Received the email to setup this page yesterday. I've actually set up another google site about two weeks ago, but that was using my own Google account. As such, the site wasn't under MXR Lab. Anyway, it was a test site, so there was only one post on it =P 

Nevertheless, I shall re-use the content of that post here and also post additional updates to date.

Week 0:
Finally, after confirmation of the FYP allocations, I emailed Prof Adrian to set up an initial meeting. He was at SIGGRAPH, and informed me that a meeting will be setup during the following week.

Week 1:
Received an email from Prof Fernando that was sent out to all FYP students in MXR Lab, with instructions for each FYP student to setup a preliminary meeting with their individual mentors. As instructed, I emailed Prof Fernando (who is himself my immediate mentor) to setup the meeting. Also joined the MXR Lab Mailing List.

Week 2:
Met up with Prof Cheok and Prof Fernando for the first time on Friday (22nd August). Was also introduced to Janaka. Prof Cheok gave me a short brief on the blogwall project and Janaka also passed me some papers to read up on prior to the next meeting on Monday.

Week 3:
Meetings got cancelled twice this week! Read through the papers Janaka passed me and got an idea of how the present system works. E-mailed Makino to ask which part of the visuals I am to help out in.

Week 4:
Attended Prof Cheok's briefing to all FYPs on Wednesday (3rd Sept). He explained in detail about all the on-going projects in the lab. Wad told to work on analysing the input (identifying relevant topics/subtopics, etc in the SMS content) and also the output (poetry generation in a word-by-word manner, starting with developing poetry models).

Attended Blogwall project briefing by Janaka on Thursday (4th Sept) in the lab. He wrapped up the work he's completed and gave a run-through of the state of the system and also where all the resources (source code, database, etc) are located. Prof Cheok also instructed Vidyarth and myself to work on different portions of the project. Vid was allocated the portion of the project on output generation and pre-processing of the database, while I was told to work on the input analysis portion/natural language algorithm. Both of us will work jointly on the poetry generator.

Throughout the course of the week, I also looked up several papers on IEEE Xplore that are related to natural language understanding. Have not read them in detail yet, though. Planning to do so over the weekend. I have also just joined the Blogwall wikidot page.

P.S. On a side note, since this page is under MXR Lab's list, I didn't want to change the URL for fear of breaking some hyperlink somewhere, but my name is really SebEstiAn and not SebAstiEn. =P