Week 4 - User Test Problem (1st Sept)

Problems to overcome (Output module)
  1. More of squeeze then a touch.
  2. Touch too "fake" and tubes not "encompassing" enough.
  3. Tubes too thin to simulate a hand.
  4. Tubes take too long to inflate (Problem 'parked' for future solving)
Solutions Suggestions
  1. Affix the user's hand to a board and isolate the 'touch' to just the top surface of this arm
    • This should solve the problem of the tubes actually squeezing the arm rather than touch it
  2. Cut up the tube to smaller modules
    • Ensures more contact with the arm when touch is actuated
  3. Do not allow the touch interface to touch the user's hand when no touch is being actuated
    • Need to arch and support the tubes when it is is a no-touch state
    • After a touch interface, need to return it to its no-touch state position
    • So what is the best way to support it and also return it to its position?
    • Needs to be easily adjustable to cater for different user size
  4. Use a stretchable material to 'interface' the tubes and arm for a more wholesome touch
    •  The tubes can be fixed under the board and the stretchable cloth wrapped around the tubes and the board
    • So when the tubes are inflated, the cloth gets stretched and the touch is actuated when the cloth presses on the arm
    • However the difference in the inflation of the tubes may not be enough to stretch the cloth
    • It is also hard to support the cloth in a no-touch state and also to return it to that position