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customer special ink manufacturer. thermochromic, photochromic, glow-in-dark, color shifting ink
How do stuff work???
color changing inks, thermochromics, photochromics
a combination of thermochromic ink and conductive ink
Temperature-compensated thermochromic battery tester
the ambient temperature will not affect the function of the battery tester
Compare Thermochromic battery tester and Electrochromic tester
Electrochromic polymer
Chameleon fabric could lead to T-shirt monitors
the idea of use the electrochromic polymer woven with clothes
Electrochromic Fabric(In CHINESE)
this can serve as source for further information
electrochromic materials(user: andreawen  password: 8*****6)
Heat and cooling pad
Microprobes for highly localized cooling/heating applications
Talk 2 My Shirt
It seems that we are not the only party in the world with such ideas. Important to learn from experienced ones.
Angel Chung is an innovative fashion design. She used thermochromic ink on her latest collection. The patterns printed with thermochromic ink will disappear on those part of the clothes where is closer to the skin.
Also about thermochromic ink and conductive thread
" I tried putting my Bekaert VN 14 1/90 thread into my sewing machine. It frays very easily!!! So i might have to hand-sew my circuitry. The thread will need to be double or tripled up as well, so that the connection is strong (both physically and electrically). "
"- used hot glue to insulate board and bare threads. also used interfacing over components and their thread, to insulate from other components."
"- Conductive thread is fairly tricky to work with. Voltage is lost very rapidly down a length of thread, and you have to be sure to insulate everything in your circuit, since the fiber acts as a live, unshielded wire, when it has power running through it! Fabric glue, hot glue, and/or interfacing (which has glue on its backside; you adhere it to your garment by ironing it on) all work well for insulating soft circuits."