Week 3
Meeting:  First meeting with direct mentor Roshan
Wed, 27-08-08
Brief introduction of the project. Illustration of the past year work.
- The past year student actually has already integrated such system on the fabric of huggy pajama, making use of thermochromic ink and a heater. When the huggy pajama is activated, the heater heats up and thus the thermochromic ink will appear color.
- One problem of thus system is that, after heating up, there is no effective way to cool down the heater within reasonable time.
- However, the past year work is just inspiration. We are not supposed to resume the past project but to invent a new material/technology that will be able to play with the properties of light.
- Key words:  colour change, non-emissive, passive, thermochromic
(past year student: LAI SAI http://ipajama-display.wikidot.com/)
Find more examples how current things change their colours according to different stimulus.
1. electroluminescence, photoluminescence, mechanoluinescence, etc
- luminescence can be generated by means of electrical field, temperature, displayment, etc
- emissive light (excluded)
2. LRT misting windows
- when LRT pass by HDB blocks, the windows will appear a misting effect. Therefore, the passengers inside the LRT will not be able to look through and thus the privacy of residences nearby the LRT railways will be protected.
- this is so call "misting window" effect. This is due to the thin liquid crystal fillm sandwitched between two layer of glasses. when the power is on, that means a strong electrical field is applied, the molecules randomly flow, creating an opaque effect.
3. UV-protective Sunglasses
- will become darker when exposed to higher intensive sunlight
4. Thermochromic Ink
- Thermochromic Liquid Crystal
- Leucodye
5. Photochromic Ink
6. Battery Testor: a combination of thermochromic and conductive ink technology


Week 4
Meeting: First Official Meeting with Dr. AD Cheok and Dr. Newton Fernanto
Wed, 03-09-08
In New Fashion Media, MEDIA is not only a 'method' to transfer MESSAGES. The MEDIA itself is a MESSAGE. The shape changing and colour changing of the media, these visual effects will all be able to give away infomation.
- color and shape clothes: express our moods and emotions
- usablity: nonemissive colour. People do not prefer wearing emissive materials, kind of distracting.
- Inspirations:
    -  control energy absorption of the material. change the photon frequency
    -  the prototype can be built on only a small part of the clothes, neckline, collar, cuff, even can think about acessories
- CA requirements:
   -  Demonstrate real results. show realy technical abilities.
There are actually 2 majors parts of the project. We will use the fabrics to indicate our mood and motion, (in the later phase, more features could be add in). Therefore, we need to 1. sense the emotion and 2. transfer the emotion signal to visual display.
However, at current stage, we have to firstly find a material that has color change feature, then to figure out a way to control the colour change.
The change of colour should be human controllable, that is, not to be dependent on the surroundings (eg. photochromic ink controlled by exposure to UV light)
Meeting: before Prof Cheok flew off to Japan
Fri, 05-09-08 
Prof gave us a deeper and thorough explanation about the inspiration and some guidance about the project.
    -  clothes --> communication media
    -  can we really make some robust non-emissive fabric? Pros and Cons..
    -  controllable colour changing module
        -  set high goal : colour not only change from x to y, but can be varying between x, y ,z ....
        -  Past Reseach: Keio University has integrated liquid crystal to fabrics. But that was fragile and not washable.
Sep 10, 2008, 2:24 AM