(Update06) Thermochromic LC purchase

Oct 3
We tried to contact International Ink Company. But we can't  communicate with teh otherside since the line is too fuzzy
Contact Numbers:
Tel: (770) 531-0033
Fax:  (770) 531-0099
Another company we called was B&H colour. But there are several search results.
2. B&H colour change http://www.colourchange.com/
The 2nd is the right to contact.
Andre emailed the company and got response afterwards.
They send datasheets to us.
Oct 14
After met up for several times, we called B&H again and they confirm that they have liquid crystal thermochromic ink. The colours and activaion temperatures can be customized.
Oct 15
refer to this website for conductive thread purchase.
From: Sonja Hirschbuehl [mailto:sonja.hirschbuehl@zimsi.com]
Sent: Wed 10/22/2008 3:25 PM
To: Lim Jiande Andre
Subject: Antwort: Conductive threads

Dear Andre,

thanks for your enquiry. We do not sell yarn but a whole solution: novonic Heat (a picture is attached).

Additional in the scope of delivery:
- Controller with integrated high performance batteries
- Manual with supplement
- Connection plug of controller, assembled
- Charger with instructions

For further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

With best regards

i. A.
Sonja Hirschbühl
Marketing und Verkauf novonic/
marketing and sales novonic

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D-88171 Weiler-Simmerberg
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fax:            + 49 8387 9212- 42
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Oct 25
1. Thermochromic Ink perchase
Company: B&H
Contact person: Peter
Contact No.: +44 (0) 1244 817115
1. Initially Peter was saying that they had liquid crystal ink (encapsulated slurry ) that could be applied on textile and asked us for detail of customization. I was glad to hear this news.
2. below is the specifications we send to Peter.
    1)       Original colour at RTP(about 24degree celcius) is colourless

    2)       Spectrum of colour ranges from 25degree celcius to 30degree celcius

    3)       Activation temperatures: 25 Red
                                    26 Green
                                    27 Blue
                                    28 Yellow

    4)       Can be applied on Textile (Important)

    5)       Reversible


3. However one week later, we were informed that, as their technician suggested, liquid crystal slurry could not be applied on textile anyhow. The properties of the ink are unstable under exposure to UV light. This information is same as what we ever heard about liquid crystal inks. Therefore, as Jayanth also suggested, we should just start with normal type of thermochromic ink.
4. The size of the ink for sale is min 1kg. The sample size is 250g. After negotiating, peter agree to send us one sample of the ink for free while we have to pay for the other two samples.
    The finalized order is as follows:
     COLOUR                            Activation Temperature      Size                 Price                 
     Red -> Transparent                   15                                 250g                 free                            
     Blue -> Transparent                   31                                 250g                 60 pounds
     Green -> Transparent                49                                 250g                 60 pounds