Week 6 Sem 2

Completed WSD Setup:

Word Sense Disambiguation:

1)      Install WordNet 2.1 in the default location

2)      Install ActivePerl for Windows (Filename: ActivePerl-

3)      Installing NMake
Run the NMake executable to extract the files. Copy both the
NMAKE.EXE and the NMAKE.ERR file to your Perl bin directory, normally
C:\Perl\bin. Make sure that you copy the NMAKE.ERR file as well.

4)      [NOT RECOMMENDED, SKIP TO 5] To install each module WSD from CPAN WordNet::SenseRelate extract components and do this
perl Makefile.PL
nmake test
nmake install

5)      Instead of 4 just copy PERL folder from CD to C:\

Also fixed some basic perl errors to make the WordNet::Senserelate module work.