Week 14-16 Sem 2

System was integrated..

Rationale for the solution & System novelties

As discussed earlier, the main rationales for this system are as follows

1)      Better Information Summarization
this is a direct result of the Topic Summarization method. Understanding of the context gives rise to a better summary of the poem.

2)      Better information Retrieval
Quality wise:
By understanding intra document links and understanding the proper sense of the words the quality of poem lines selected is improved.
Quantity wise: Again by understanding the context the algorithm is able to retrieve more relevant lines than simple term frequency.

3)      Better Remixing Quality (Especially Coherence)
By using inter line links to reinforce the input message’s theme the remixed poem is of better standards.

4)      Limited information Loss
No stone is left unturned unlike the previous solution where only the top 3 synonyms were used to find the relevant lines.

5)      User can use keywords to remix poetry instead of a full sentence

Apart from the above the work done by my fellow FYP student Sebestian incorporates Machine Learning and improves the system over time. All these are a direct consequence of the technical novelties in the components used for the system which are mentioned as follows.

8.2      Technical Novelties in the components used for the new system

1)      Highly efficient Word Sense Disambiguation (performs better than several industry standard measures) due to the unified usage of WordNet and dictionary methods

2)      Innovative & efficient approach to topic modeling which is quite different from the normal probabilistic models that is prevalent nowadays. Some methods of word sense disambiguation in fact use topic modeling in their process. But a highly efficient word sense disambiguation tool has helped us build a good topic modeling system.

3)      Innovative poem line selection algorithms that use recombination programs.

8.3      Sample Preliminary result and comparison to the old system

Let us take an example from the new system. Let us assume the input to be “That perfume smells nice and rare”. This is the eventual output from the new system

Bitter sweet come in one package
When a sedate content the spirit feel,
For perfume and color, sweetness of remembrance

Compare this to the original system, you get the output as,

Pink is nice
Childhood is rare
Perfume is what fragrantly smells

Clearly there seems to be a bit more coherence & meaning in the poem generated by the new poem remixing system. You can clearly see more intra and inter relations.

Details on CA 3 and 4 are in separate pages..