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Project Updates for Week 1 to 4

Updates for Week 1 to Week 4
Week 3
Date: Wednesday, 27 Aug, 08
Theme: First Official Meeting with Immediate Mentor

Roshan briefly covered the main idea of our project. He showed us their past-year project products, and the way to control its colour change. As for now the three of us, Andrea, Andre, and me are focusing on the same topic, we shall look into the same research area.


After the discussion, a few main points were noted.

1. What can we change?

2. How to control the change of the colour?

3. Materials we can look into now:

        - stray light absorbent

        - thermocromic materials

        - light absorbent materials

        - beam dump

Some examples of the current products in the market:

- Philips LED T-shirt

- LRT Windows varying its colour when passing by HDB flats

- UV-protective Sunglasses



 Week 4


Date: Wednesday, 3 Sept, 08
Theme: First Official Meeting with Dr. AD Cheok and Dr. Newton Fernanto
New Fashion Media
- New form of media which can be implemented into physical life
- Clothes: texture, materials, etc. It is a display of our personality, emotions?
- Fundamentals: fabric, non-emissive display
- Thermocromic ink: Heating is done, but cooling is not accomplished
- Photon energy
1. How about interactive fabric?
        - showing expressions and modes using fabric
2. How to make cloth display colour not based on reflective light?
        - thermocromic ink (non-emissive display)
        - conductive materials
3. Can it display modes of the owner?
        - e.g. handbag pattern/colour changes
1. New type of material which can change reflective light, e.g. liquid crystal ink
2. To control photon movement in the material - through electrical current?
3. Creativity: Accessories?
        - Buttons, etc
        - Flower accessories on the clothesto display owner's emotions and modes
Need to Find:
1. Materials that can change colours
2. stray light absorbers
3. other materials besides thermocromic ink
4. how to embed the material into fabric
5. how to control it wirelessly
Huggy Pajama
  • Parents & Children show their emotions through hugging
  • Remote touch?
  • Besides touch, are there other ways?
Date: Friday, 5 Sept, 08
Theme: Meeting with Dr. AD Cheok
Current Research Direction
Is it possible to make robust wearble T-shirt?
We have to take into consideration of the real-world easibility. People do not want emissive display everywhere, unless it is for special events, because it is somehow distracting. Hence, we need to focus on non-emissive display.
We need to make interactive display, as in interactive fashion media, which is silent and calm. For example, during meeting, people hardly show their emotions loudly, but if they wanna communication with each other, they can choose such silent and calm display of their emotions. Another example could be showing the health status of the olderly.
Critical Steps for Now
1. Research
    - How to make non-emissive fabric display
    - Possibilities of all the materials
2. Analysis the Pros and Cons of the materials found
    - Material X
        a) Feasibility?
        b) Practical?
        c) which one can be used for controlled colour changing?
    - better not depend on the surroundings, e.g. photocromic ink
    - e.g. liquid crystal ink
        a) can change colour but cannot be washed, too fragile
        b) not pratical
        c) sensitive to temperature and moisture change
  • fabric transistor(developed)
  • Technical functionality?
  • Concept prototype
- Ideally: Black to white change can be done
- to have spectrum of colour 
- to have combinational of inks
- possible activation steps?
- photocromic ink
    - absorb UV light energy
- activation cannot be external
- idea: optical fiber to be embedded onto clothes? Possible solutions?