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Week 7-8

 During these two weeks, new methods have been researched for the colour changing display of the fabric. One important method I found is from the local company called PS One Pte Ltd, which sells an ElectroLuminescent panels mounting in front of T shirts. Examples of the shirts look like this:
The patterns in front of the T shirts keeps changing under battery supply, which hides under the shirt. The whole circuit was minimized and hide in a black box beneath the shirts. Here are some of the features of EL panels I have found.

Features & Benefits of Electro Luminescent Technology

Electro Luminescent panels are paper thin laminated panels that illuminate as an electrical current is passed through the panel.  Phosphor crystals with coloured overlays are sandwiched between conductors, and as an electrical current is applied, the phosphor crystals rapidly charge and emit light which illuminates the printed overlay.


Electro Luminescent lamps are produced in many forms such as EL Panels, Tape or Wire.  The low power consumption makes EL technology one of the most energy efficient light sources available.


Characteristics of the EL Panels-

·  Can be produced to any size or shape.

·  Paper Thin - Typically between 0.25mm - 0.5mm.

·  Lightweight.

·  Flexibility - Can be applied to a flat or curved surface.

·  Strength - Almost unbreakable.

·  Reliability - EL does not catastrophically fail as it consist of millions of microscopic crystals.

·  Low power consumption - Consumes between 75-90% less electricity than any other light source.

·  Efficiency - 80% of energy is converted to light.

·  Brightness - Brightness can be varied to suit customer requirements.

·  Visibility - Can be seen from far distances in darkness, smoke and fog.

·  Low operating temperature - EL is a cold lighting source and does not generate heat due to its electronic luminous emission.

·  No Glare - EL produces a soft even light over the entire surface.

·  Waterproof.

·  Landfill friendly - EL does not use any hazardous materials.

·  Longevity- Over 30,000 hours depending upon brightness.

·  Maintenance free.



I have uploaded a video for a cap using EL display technology to the YouTube video.  This is provided by one of the sales person from PS one Pts Ltd.


 (Click to see the video)

Nascar Cap with EL display technology

However, EL wired clothes have already been worked on from previous FYPs. Furthermore, EL wires are emissive materials, which differs from the objectives of the main project we have been working on. Nonetheless, I will still leave this option open for further system implementation and development.
 Nonetheless, the cap colour display could be a nice consideration for the final product look. :)