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Week 11 - 12

Besides editting the IEEE huggy pajama paper, I have started experimenting on the temperature sensor. TMP04, the temperature detector , has been ordered with the help from Roshan, and I bought 4 pieces of the peltier module together with different sizes of heat sink from Sim Lim Tower. The peltier modules I bought has sizes of 2cm x 2cm and has a thickness of 4mm. The peltier module, after providing certain voltage, gives the heating effect on the thermochromic ink that has been painted on the T shirt, while the heat sink acts to dissipate the heat from the module. The heat sink removes the heat so as to prevent heat conduction. Further testing will be done for the heating efficiency and operating conditions for the peltier cooling system.
The temperature sensor circuit has been built according to the bypassing circuit provided by the TMP04 datasheet.

TMP04 generates a modulated serial digital output that varies in direct proportion to the temperature of the device. It has an overall accuracy of ±1.5°C with a sensing temperature range from -25°C to +100°C. The supply bypassing circuit was provided below, following the schematic of the circuit. A decoupling capacitor of 50Ω is added in particularly, to reduce noises. The sensor circuits acts as a single circuit with a supply voltage of 5V.


Further testing needs to be done for the sensor accuracy testing.