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Fabcell: Fabric Element
Fabcell is a flexible, non-emissive, and multi-color fabric module. In Fabcell, fibers dyed with liquid crystal ink and conductive yarns connected to electronic components are woven into a square textile. By applying voltage to the conductive yarn, and changing the fabric's temperature, the color of fabric surface can be changed. Arranged in matrices, Fabcells display images on the curves of flexible textiles. And used for clothing or with soft objects, it enables them a new expressions of visual imaginary.
Color by the Sun Products
Abstract: "..Color changing, or photochromatic, t shirts and embroidery apparel are excellent ways to generate word of mouth marketing with your business advertising or retail sales."
Color-Changing Ambient Textile
Abstract: "..a wearable ambient display using flexible, non-emissive color-changing textile modules for new expressions of visual imaginary appications. the Fabcell system consists of a mosaic of Fabcell modules, a black piece of cloth, & a controller for changing the color of the modules. potential applications include color-changing suits that change from gray during daytime to red to go out for a dance, or body temperature sensitive clothing that visualizes the emotion of the wearer."
Color-Changing Inks(impt)
- Thermochromics: Temperature-sensitive inks
- Photochromics: Light-sensitive inks
Color changing fibers, thread and cloth using the color changing fibers and the manufacturing method for the color changing fiber
From: Keio University
"Color changing phenomena
  • Photochromism - color change caused by light.
  • Thermochromism - color change caused by heat.
  • Electrochromism - color change caused by an electrical current.
  • Solvatochromism - color change caused by solvent polarity.
  • Ionochromism - color change caused by ions.
  • Halochromism - color change caused by a change in pH.
  • Tribochromism - color change caused by mechanical friction.
  • Piezochromism - color change caused by mechanical pressure. "