Week 17

In order to enhance the potential signal, I build a Faraday case to cover the whole plant and shielded the connection wire too.

To shield the wire, BNC cable is used instead of flexible test wire. The trade-off is BNC cable is much less flexible and hard to bend to fixed position, this may cause damage to sensitive electrodes.

Received signals is more stable:
(Potential signal at fairly stable states: 2h after inserting electrodes)

Zoom out look:

Start changing outside condition ( light, temperature) but no change in signal is observed yet.

-Changes in signal may indeed happen but to fast to observe by eyes (find a way to connect oscilloscope to computer and save recording data for further reference)
-There are many undetermined factors that may effect signal.
-Potential signal is slightly different from day to day (try to keep constant living condition for plant).
-Although pellet electrode is more stable,robust and don't need chloriding, it can't be as small as silver wire electrodes and therefore it hurt the plant a lot more(more time to heal, unstable signal with bigger open wound) . Beside, it seems pellet electrode is not very suitable for inserting in and out so many times due to its weak silver wire connection.