Week 16

This week,  I received the Ag/AgCl electrodes and be able to start measuring plant signal.

1.Make a reference electrodes:

The pellet is Ag/AgCl working tip, silver wire is in place to attach the pellet to a connecting wire/cable.

Solder electrode tip to a flexible test wire and banana plug at the other end of the wire.Since pellet tips is sensitive to metal so
I use heat shrink tubing to seal the exposed metal threads of the pellet and wire.

Use dual binding post/ BNC adapter to connect electrodes to scilloscope.

2.Set up experiment:

A pair of electrodes is placed 15 cm apart in one leaf of a Aloe Vera plant.
The oscilloscope show a potential difference of around 10mV after the connection. The potential difference level changes with changing leaf or distance.

 - Signal isn't stable, there are changing due to noises at high sampling frequency.
 - Have to make sure the change in potential is not due to some constant noise.