CA2 Report

                                                            Autonoumous Plant Robot
CA2 Report  

Thing I have done since CA1:

1.Further research on electrical potential in plant:
How are potential in different plants:

Because potential signal in Aloe Vera seems to have faster speed and higher amplitude, I decided to use this plant for the project.

How would the potential change due to stimuli:

2.Set up the experiment:

-During the first 2 week after CA1, looking for equipments from affiliated labs: Power Electronics Lab, Molecular Neurobiology Lab, Physiology Neurobiology Lab....

-Since I can't find some necessary equipments, I have to search and buy appropriate them from overseas.

—*Ag/AgCl electrode: this type of electrode is perfect for my experiment. The coaxial layer of this electrodes contains Cl- which is similar to biology fluid of plant. This helps it to work more stable in plant's fluid than other metallic electrodes.

Ordered from Prime BioSciene:
    -Model E205
Ag/AgCl pellet electrode
    -Electrode Dimensions: 2.0 x 4.0 mm (D x Thick)
    -Wire Dimensions: 0.25 mm D x 7 mm (silver wire)



*Data Acquisition Unit: convert analog signal into digital signal and log the data at the same time. Sampling rate must be high enough to avoid aliasing(fs>fNyquist) At the first step, we can use a high-speed digital oscilloscope to log and display the signals. However, for further step, high-speed data acquisition unit may need to further analyze the signal.Some low cost DA unit:
-Picoscope 2203- & PicoLog software.

-—Keithley DA Unit (KUSB-3108).

-—Emant300 Low cost USB DA Unit.

The Next Step:


The lack of equipments has slowed me down since CA1 so I really need to pick-up.Once necessary equipments arrived, most likely by the end of next week. 

My aim is to have some stable electrical signals respecting to stimuli from a living plant at the end of January.

-During February, I intend to collect and analyze electrical signal responses of a specific plant with respect to outside stimuli (temperature, sun light, soil moisture, human-touch…)

-At the end of March, I expect to be able to use plant’s signal to control the robot.

- For CA4 in April, I hope I can show you a first prototype of plant robot which can do some simple task.