Lim Jiande Andre

CA1 Report
The past few weeks had been intensive research on which direction to head for.
Primary Objective:
1. To build a non-emissive fabric
2. To be able display a spectrum of colour change
3. Controllable
Secondary Objective:
1. To change colour in accordance to internal factors eg. emotions, moods, health etc
We managed to filter out 3 most possible and suitable methods:
1. Photochromic
2. Electrochromic
3. Thermochromic
A summary:
   Changes Colour based on...  Pros      Cons  
 Photochromic  UV rays  Changed by light easily Outdoor it would be affected by UV light  
 Electrochromic  Electricity  Energy only needed to trigger state change  No ink available, layers are difficult to construct  
 Theremochromic  Temperature  Heat is easily manipulated  Cooling is a problem  
For me, I strongly believe in the potential of electrochromic properties, therefore, I decided to proceed with an in depth research on electrochromic.
The current applications are smart glasses and windows.
Henceforth, based on how it worked, it will be incorporated as such into fabric

However, my project mate, Andrea indicated to me that we are not chemists and therefore, to do these layers are pretty impossible at our level and that we should use existing materials to incorporate into fabric.
Personally, I feel that without professional expertise, the resulting material will not function properly.


Henceforth, I proceeded to find out more ways in which electrochromic properties can be used.  I finally found a lab in Institute of Materials Science, University of Connecticut (what we are doing is really material Science now!).  Dr Greg Sotzig has invented a type of thread made of electrochromic polymer.


Using these threads, we can weave it with metal wires which carry voltages.  Henceforth, every thread will react differently to a similar voltage allowing us to control it down to its pixel form ( each pixel is at the intersection)
 I did a vizualization of how it will be like:
Another thing is that conductive yarns can be used instead of normal metal wires.
Therefore, I have emailed 2 parties and are currently waiting for their replies
1) Dr Greg Sotzing - to enquire about the electrochromic threads
2) Novonic - to enquire about their Novonic Data Cables and also Novonic Heat Cables for Andrea for her thermochromic research.
For me personally I feel that there is so much potential to tap on electrochromic materials.  Therefore, it is likely that I would like to experiment with the above visualization first and exploring what it can achieve.
Currently, the threads are however limited in their colour change as researched by Dr Greg.  However, I believe in making do with what technology with have currently and making a breakthrough with them.
Wii for example, was created based on technology which have existed for years and it was the concept and wise applications of the technologies available to them that created a revolutionary product.

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