Week 5

I went to meet Mr Rodney and i was brief on what was expected to come in the next coming months. In view of the upcoming Siggraph Asia in Suntec, I have to design an 'interactive' aquarium, overlaying a video feedback from a webcam in real time, in which there are fishes and these fishes would roam around freely. However, once the webcam traces a known marker, the marker would display a food geometry (augmented reality) and the fishes would move towards the food. Even when the marker is moved around, the fishes would try and follow the food geometry.
I went on to draft of what i think the aquarium would look like and downloaded a few royalty free geometries for the purpose of this project.
Had problems initially with importing the fbx geometry as the geometry disappears after each save and closing the application. But this was resolved after a changing a few settings.
I was able to create a few movements but it did not look natural enough.