CA2 Report

Progress so far

I have constructed the Seabed with a few elements.
  • Seabed
    • The concave and convex terrain of the seabed is rough and the texture is similar to that of a seabed

  • Shark
    • Moves along a wavy random circular path
  • Sea Grass
    • Grass moves in a movement as though the grass are influenced by the sea currents
  • Fish
    • Fish also moves in a random movement as though the it is influenced by the currents

There were 2 versions of the Seabed that i worked on.
  • Every element mounted onto one marker
  • Different elements mounted onto different markers - which can be useful for a interactive story-telling

Future Work
  • Complete the Seabed with more elements.
  • Having a user interface.
  • Have interaction within the environment in the Seabed. Eg. fishes interact with each other.
  • Having markers acting as food and hand feeding the shark.
  • Helping Mr Rodney with modeling, animation & interactivity of AR tangible musical interfaces.