Week 9

During this week, I am trying to work into the intergation of hardware and software of the LCD display module and debugging the problem in both hardware and software.
For the software development, I can write the program to PIC and implement functions of the 8080 communication interface which PIC can excute. However, I cannot work further with the program because of some hardware constrain.
For the hardware development, I have found several problems whcih currently make LCD cannot light up.
The first problem is that the voltage booster which is used to rise the voltage level to 9V for LCD driver cannot give 9V power supply after I tried to changed two of the same voltage booster. it makes I cannot test the code and the further development. 
The other problem is that the hardware connector of LCD is FPC (flexible printed circuit) which is not the normal header connector. As a result, I fabricated a 'hand made' connector which may also casuse the LCD cannot light  up.
After by changing and improving the code several times, it concludes the problem of lighting up LCD is probably from the hardware side and I will try to fix this problem ASAP.