In this week we try to development the firmware of menu system which can be used for menu display.
In 4GDL there is a function, "gosub()" which is the control system that is similar like switch statement in the C language. This is the main command we are used to organize the firmware structure. We classified the pictures in to a few groups according to the menu system structure. The image belongs to the same submenu will ge grouped together.
The current idea is to build a hierarchy level systemt display images which is well fommated structure. This is to easy memeorize and to provide convenience in the furhter system development.
By using the UART communication protocol, we can use the commputer to send command to go from the top leve go to sublevel and then to the specific image.
By end of this week, we generally finished this the hierarchy level system design, and each image can be display by issue 2-3 byte command through UART ports. We achieved our goal.
However, it is found that some images cannnot be displayed normally as they ehither missing or replaced by another image. Currently we cannot find the problem because it is not the coding logic  problem. We will development more in the later development.