Hou Junsong

Introduction of the Facebook Robot Project:
The current intenet, there are many social network portals which users can do profiling, messanging and interacting with each other vai a web-based interface. Facebook is one of famous social network portals. Facebook robot is to use the idea of Cute-E-bot to promote the current social interactionment into a more tangile manner. The aim of Facebook Robot project is to design a completely novel paradigm of mobile wearable robots with soft, cute and huggable interface features which can be used to change the manner of internet communication among humans. Instead of reading the message or animation from screen, a physical cute robot will express the content of messange by act various motions and movements. Cuteness, tactile and huggable are the three key points of the facebook robot.
Brief Introduction of My FYP Work:
Facebook Robot Project is a project which many researchers and designers are involved in. My work generally focuses on  the technical work which is to implement the feature technically.
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